Thank you for your interest in the black and white fine art photography of Jon Strout.

Jon spent much of his childhood growing up on the coast of Maine, specifically on Casco Bay near Brunswick, where he currently lives. The natural beauty of Maine has always inspired him, but it is the perpetually changing beauty of the coast that is most special to him. It is through fine art photography that he chooses to communicate his love of the natural world around him.

Photography has become a passion for Jon, and because it is a second career, he feels lucky to have the freedom to photograph what inspires and excites him, without the pressure of having to shoot solely to please others.

Landscapes and figure work are his favorite areas of interest. Preferring to work in black and white, Jon tries to reduce an image to its basics of patterns, shapes, lines and textures. By using these fundamentals and their interplay with light, he enjoys the challenge of searching for the extraordinary in the ordinary scene. His work has been described as containing elements of simplicity, sensuality, and solitude.

Aside from the state of Maine, another favorite area for creating images is Yellowstone National Park in the winter. Regardless of where he is, Jon finds photography a satisfying avenue for reflecting the feelings and emotions of what he sees.

Jon has studied with several well-known photographers, including Neal Parent, John Sexton, Elizabeth Opalenik, Connie Imboden, Chip Forelli, Brenda Tharp, Craig Stevens, and George DeWolfe. His photography has been exhibited throughout Maine, including Bowdoin College, and at shows in Portland, Falmouth, Freeport, Yarmouth, and Brunswick, Maine.

Jon teaches the Marine Photography courses at the WoodenBoat School in Brooklin, Maine, and also teaches on a one to one basis, or small groups.